Lorrie Harper, Physical Therapist
Lorrie Harper, MSPT, CVTP

Lorrie Harper MSPT, CVTP is a skilled physical therapist with extensive training in hands-on (manual therapy) techniques and exercise methods. She is a dedicated student of human anatomy and human movement. She is passionate about helping people feel better.

During her 32-year career as a physical therapist she has worked with a variety of clients in a myriad of environments including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, orthopedic clinics, nursing homes and therapeutic swimming pools.  With every client, every environment, every new certification she asked, “what more can I do to help people feel better and move better so they can pursue the activities that bring them joy”.

In pursuit of this goal, she continues her extensive study of human anatomy, human movement, and manual therapies. She has a successful clinic in Eden, Utah focused on manual therapy, Pilates training and intelligent movement. In 2018 she became an instructor for the Barral Institute teaching Visceral Manipulation. She is thrilled to be sharing this powerful hands-on technique with fellow bodyworkers and manual therapists.

Licensing and certifications include:

  • Licensed Physical Therapist – 32 years experience
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Utah State University 1989
  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University 1991
  • Visceral Manipulation Instructor for the Barral Institute
  • Certified Visceral Techniques practitioner
  • Polestar trained Pilates practitioner
  • Certified WATSU practitioner
  • Neuro-development treatment for adults with hemiplegia
  • To name a few….

Lorrie Harper, physical therapist

Lorrie Harper

Lorrie Harper’s Practice Philosophy

To provide sophisticated hands-on techniques and intelligent exercises that reduce pain and restore optimal strength, alignment, and function, so you can move with ease and live the life you love.

Lorrie Harper’s Services

Our bodies tell the story of our past illnesses, injuries, surgeries, infections, traumas, and play gone astray.

In some stories we escape unscathed – so we think –  and others we came out with long-term pain, limited movement, loss of function and the ability to move through life with comfort and ease.

Lorrie listens to your body’s story and using specific, precise, 3D Manual Therapy techniques releases the tissue restrictions causing pain and dysfunction, resulting in less pain, improved alignment, function, and overall well-being.

She supports the 3D manual therapy with Intelligent Movement, which is customized, functional exercises to improve your core control, strength, flexibility, breath, balance, and coordination.

Lorrie Harper 3D Manual Therapy Lorrie Harper Intelligent Movement Pilates

Read What Clients Have to Say

“Lorrie’s work on me over the years has been a profound and wonderful experience. In my view, it’s a definitive requisite for the maintenance of good health.”

“… I am looking forward to the next 40 years of my life because I can see so many possibilities wide open — just for me.”

“After three years of practicing with her I’m stronger, leaner and better than I was before the first mishap…”

“She said that a ligament associated with my liver was tight and pressing on the area where food passes from my esophagus to my stomach. I noticed improvement the moment I left that first session. The discomfort in my lower chest had diminished… I can eat and drink without discomfort.”

Lorrie Harper

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