As a licensed physical therapist Lorrie specializes in human movement and exercise prescription. She knows how exercise affects our bodies and which exercises are indicated to improve strength and overall well-being.

Lorrie is also a trained Pilates practitioner. The Pilates method focuses on core strength. alignment and how an exercise is performed. It emphasizes Control, Centering, Concentration, Flow, Precision and Breathing. Joseph Pilates, the developer of the work, emphasized conscious movement that exercise should begin with the mind and the body will follow. Each exercise is performed with mindfulness and control.

Intelligent movement combines the power of exercise prescription with the precision of conscious movement. You receive the greatest benefit from your exercise regimen because it is specific to your strength, balance and coordination deficits as well as re-educating ideal posture and movement patterns for ongoing health, well-being and injury prevention.

Intelligent movement will help eliminate patterns that linger in your body from old injuries, illness or premature aging. It will change how you feel and move on a daily basis.

Benefits include:

  • Improved strength
  • Easy, comfortable movement
  • Strong core
  • Long, lean, flexible muscles
  • Optimal posture and spine alignment
  • Decreased neck and back pain
  • Calm and focused mind
  • Centered, easy breathing

Intelligent movement sessions are one-on-one sessions customized to your specific needs. Or incorporated into 3D manual therapy sessions.


1 hour: $ 140

A cash and check preferred business

Credit cards are accepted with a 3% fee

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