I started Pilates mat classes with Lorrie over 14 years ago. Over time, I progressed to specific Pilates exercise equipment and “as needed” bodywork sessions. I have had my shoulder blades released, correct organ position re-established, circulatory work, hips unlocked, and so much more. My core strength, my balance, and my range of motion have all improved. Each effort has had markedly positive effects on my overall health. My posture has changed from “old lady” to a more correct and vibrant carriage.

Lorrie’s work on me over the years has been a profound and wonderful experience. In my view, it’s a definitive requisite for the maintenance of good health. And oh, by the way, she is also exceptional at making all those day to day aches and pains disappear as well.

LN, Huntsville

I have been taking Pilates classes from Lorrie Harper for several years – and I am hooked!  Every winter when I start skiing again, it feels like I never stopped for the summer.

I don’t think people realize how much we use our core muscles in skiing – they are so important.  I also find that I can bike further without fatigue … I can even sit at my computer without getting a such a sore neck and upper shoulders.

Lorrie is also a great masseuse, for those times when we play a little too hard at our favorite sports.

PJM, 62, Huntsville, Utah

All my life I have been physically active and fit.  However, as the years have crept upon me, and life grew more complicated, I noticed a gradual but definite decline in many areas that in my youth never seemed to be a problem to manage: weight gain, loss of strength and coordination, less stamina, aches and pains, and a general sense of slowing down and losing control of my health.

At age 56 I knew I was too young to be old.  I realized that I could not rely on the ways I had taken care of myself in the past, so along with some friends, I signed up in Lorrie’s beginning Pilates class once a week.

Even the first session changed my outlook.  The fact that I had made a decision to be proactive and take charge of my body took away much of the guilt and fear of what was ahead of me.

A year and a half later, I am still participating in class and I have added a private session each week as well.  I have made a commitment that I must do this for myself for the rest of my life.

As a result of Lorrie’s guidance, I am getting stronger, more flexible, I have better self-image, better habits and because of her expertise in physical therapy, many of my problem areas have been cured or improved.  I’m also getting a great education in anatomy and physiology of the body, which has helped me understand the “whys” of her directions.

I have re-learned that there are no shortcuts to health.  There is no downtime.  If I am not progressing — I am automatically going backward — and I know I DO NOT like to lose ground that I have worked so hard to gain.

I know that if I am physically fit, I am more likely to be mentally and emotionally fit as well, and I am looking forward to the next 40 years of my life because I can see so many possibilities wide open — just for me.

Jennifer Sorensen, age 57, Teacher, Huntsville, Utah

I came to Lorrie for Pilates after a couple car accidents that resulted in three serious orthopedic injuries and surgeries, one of which was a spine injury.

Her background in physical therapy and massage therapy plus a strong endorsement from a skiing friend convinced me that Lorrie’s care and coaching were perfect for me.  And so, they have been.

After three years of practicing with her I’m stronger, leaner and better than I was before the first mishap, and have achieved incredible core strength that supports both a strenuous weightlifting regimen that I do, and the simplest things, like ascending a set of stairs.

Lorrie rocks.

KMP, 51, Ogden, UT

When I began working with Lorrie, I couldn’t eat. It is not that I did not want to eat, but since a car accident a year earlier it felt like food and even water would get stuck in my lower chest, and not enter my stomach.

There was so much discomfort eating had become an unpleasant experience.

I saw multiple physicians who did extensive medical testing. After months of testing, medications and ongoing pain, I was essentially told, everything looks normal, and “you will just have to live with it.”

When I finally started seeing Lorrie for Visceral Manipulation I was frustrated and hungry. The first session was amazing, Lorrie targeted right in on the area of discomfort.

She said that a ligament associated with my liver was tight and pressing on the area where food passes from my esophagus to my stomach. I noticed improvement the moment I left that first session. The discomfort in my lower chest had diminished.

When I went home and ate it was strange to have the food actually pass into my stomach. I saw Lorrie for a total of 3 sessions and I feel great. I can eat and drink without discomfort.

I am so grateful for everything Lorrie has done for me. My only regret is that I waited so long before seeing her.

L.H, 52, Ogden, UT